Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to any transaction between Gilbjerg Strandhotel and the guest. Any deviations from these terms and conditions must be made by written agreement between the parties.

Reservation and Order Confirmation

When Gilbjerg Strandhotel has received the reservation, Gilbjerg Strandhotel will promptly send an order confirmation to the provided email address, including details such as the order number, name, address, and a summary of the reservation, including reservation number, etc. The final agreement is considered to be entered into upon receipt of our order confirmation. Only the content of the order confirmation is binding for Gilbjerg Strandhotel. Gilbjerg Strandhotel reserves the right to correct any errors in prices, room availability, and similar offerings on the website. The guest, when making an online room reservation, must provide the necessary personal information required by public authorities and necessary for Gilbjerg Strandhotel’s registration of the person or persons who will be staying at the hotel. All guests are required to provide their full name, address, and phone number, among other details. Upon arrival, the guest must present valid identification and confirm the information with their signature. The processing of personal information is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and in accordance with section 8.


All prices stated on the website are inclusive of VAT and in Danish Kroner unless otherwise specified. The total price as stated in the order confirmation and as displayed prior to the reservation on the website, is inclusive of VAT, fees, and any other charges. Please note that all room rentals are exempt from VAT according to [applicable regulation/section]. According to Section 13, Paragraph 1 of the Value Added Tax Act, as this involves the brokerage of holiday apartments not owned by Gilbjerg Strandhotel

Payment Terms

Payment for the order “can” be made upon arrival at Gilbjerg Strandhotel. When booking through our website, the payment will be deducted immediately. We accept the following payment methods: Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa. Corporate cards issued within or outside the EU/EEA, as well as private payment cards issued outside the EU/EEA, will incur a fee, which will be indicated on your receipt. The fee rate will depend on the type of payment card and where it is issued. For American Express, all transactions will incur a fee.

Arrival and Departure

Unless otherwise agreed, the room is available from 2:00 PM on the day of arrival until 11:00 AM on the day of departure If the departure time is not adhered to, Gilbjerg Strandhotel reserves the right to add an extra night to the bill. Use of the room beyond the specified check-in and check-out times can be arranged for an additional fee.

Right of withdrawal

It is explicitly stated that there is no statutory right of withdrawal for reservations of hotel rooms or similar services. Reservations cannot be canceled, and reference is made to the cancellation terms below. In case of a no-show without a valid cancellation, 100% of the confirmed price, including VAT, will be charged.

Cancellation and No-show

Cancellation must be made in writing to the hotel. In case of cancellation later than 7 days before arrival, 50% of the confirmed price will be charged. In case of cancellation later than 24 hours before 2:00 PM on the day of arrival, 100% of the confirmed price will be charged. If the cancellation is made in a timely manner, the reservation will be canceled. In case of a no-show without a valid cancellation, 100% of the confirmed price, including VAT, will be charged. 

Change of Reservations

If it becomes necessary to change a reservation, you can contact Gilbjerg Strandhotel at +45 93 93 23 49 or email info@Gilbjergstrandhotel.dk to inquire about the possibility. The reservation cannot be transferred to other hotels in collaboration with Gilbjerg Strandhotel. Moving to one of the other hotels is considered a cancellation and a subsequent new reservation.

Personal Information

When using our website, guests leave personal information. Guests can contact Gilbjerg Strandhotel if they wish to inquire about what data is registered about them or if they want information to be deleted or corrected. The information is collected for marketing purposes, including sending electronic newsletters and other materials about our services and company. We only use the information for marketing purposes, including sending newsletters, if the guest has expressly given their prior consent for this. The guest can always unsubscribe from newsletters and other materials if they do not wish to receive them in the future. Furthermore, the guest’s information – name, address, email, etc. – is only used to fulfill the guest’s order and to inform the guest in case of unforeseen delivery issues. Gilbjerg Strandhotel never discloses the guest’s information to third parties under any circumstances unless the guest has expressly consented to it. Information regarding the guest’s order and any other buyer information is stored in accordance with applicable laws. Storage is done, among other things, to ensure the proper handling of any complaints. The guest has the right to access the information that Gilbjerg Strandhotel has registered about them and to raise objections to the registration. ChatGPT If the guest wishes to have changes or deletions made to their personal information or does not wish to receive further information from Gilbjerg Strandhotel, they should contact info@gilbjergstrandhotel.dk.

Disclaimer (Force Majeure)

Gilbjerg Strandhotel is not liable for non-compliance if it can be proven that the non-compliance is due to war, riots, civil unrest, government intervention, blockade, interference by local authorities, confiscation, fire, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, export or import bans, disruptions of normal transportation, or other causes beyond the control of Gilbjerg Strandhotel. If Gilbjerg Strandhotel deems that there is an obstacle to performance of the aforementioned type, both the guest and Gilbjerg Strandhotel are entitled to cancel the unfulfilled agreements either immediately or at a later time, without this being considered a breach of contract by either party.

Choice of Venue and Applicable Law

Any dispute between Gilbjerg Strandhotel and the guest shall be resolved under Danish law at the Gilbjerg Strandhotel’s local jurisdiction, provided it does not contravene mandatory legal provisions. If a court finds any provisions in these terms to be invalid, it will not affect the remaining provisions.

Other Terms

If disputes cannot be resolved between Gilbjerg Strandhotel and the guest, the guest has the option to file a complaint with the Complaints Board for Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism, at Vodroffsvej 32, 1900 Frederiksberg C. Further information can be found on the board’s website. www.hrt-ankenaevn.dk The board handles complaints from consumers about services offered by hotels, etc., provided that the service in question does not exceed a value of DKK 150.000. The Complaints Board charges a fee of DKK 150, which is refunded if the consumer receives full or partial satisfaction with their complaint or if the complaint is not processed.